october run

October was  a great training month for me. I am not sure if it was the new Brooks shoes or a change in my training program but I really enjoyed my runs in October. During the month I ran just over 244km, surpassing my previous best monthly record of 217km. During these runs I completed […]


There are many constants in the world, one of these constants is that it is always hot here in Singapore. It is a striking difference to where I grew up in the deep south of  New Zealand where winter temperatures hovered around the 10-12 degree mark. There is also little relief from the heat between […]

Sugar free

We had a great relationship for many years but as time passed our relationship has started to wane to a point now it is time to say goodbye and end our relationship, sugar. People had told me for years that sugar was no good for me, it was a relationship that would end in disaster, […]

Richard Brock

I have always competed in longer distance runs but last weekend I took part in the SMU Mile run here in Singapore. It was by no way the biggest running event in Singapore with around 300 people taking part. I did this run for the simple reason that it was close to home and so […]


Sometimes the small innovations can make a big difference, the little time saving devices that make life just that little bit better. Combining products together has not always lead to great success, the calculator watch of the 80’s, not a good combination. The Internet fridge, well it hasn’t really gone pass concept stage. In this […]


Before I was given my Jawbone Up, I had and still use MapMyRun. This simple to use iPhone app tracks the distance I ran, where I ran and compares times to other people running the same route. When I was looking for a running app there were three features I used for a comparison 1. […]


Does technology emerge in one-off revolutionary changes or smaller incremental iterations? I personally think Darwin got it right; it’s all about evolution. Another way to look at the question is, were the changes created by Apple, aka Steve Jobs, over the past decade revolutionary or part of an evolutionary cycle that were going to be […]


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