MapMyRun keeps me running in Singapore

Before I was given my Jawbone Up, I had and still use MapMyRun. This simple to use iPhone app tracks the distance I ran, where I ran and compares times to other people running the same route.

When I was looking for a running app there were three features I used for a comparison

1.    Acurate measurement of distance;

2.    Help pace my run; and

3.    Allow me to compare my run to others.

Distance – How far was that run?

When you haven’t run for a while you have a pretty good idea of the distance you have run, it is like an added sense you acquire. MapMyRun helps me confirm and fine tune this sense of distance I have acquired over the years.

I flirted with the younger, sexier looking RunKeeper for a while but I continue to use MayMyRun as I find it more accurate than Run Keeper.

When running some comparison tests of MayMyRun, RunKeeper and Jawbone Up, I found that MapMyRun and Jawbone Up were producing similar results while RunKeeper regularly doubled the distance over the same course. MapMyRun does have the odd “bad hair day” but far less than Run Keeper.

MayMyRun and my Jawbone Up complement each other; MapMyRun gives more details while running while the Jawbone Up provides a better data on my overall daily effort. It is great going for a run in the morning but you need to ensure you keep active through the day, I have become a believer in the 10,000 steps a day philosophy.

Help me pace my run

MapMyRun allows me to pace my run, providing updates throughout the run. I use a 5 minute split time to ensure I am keeping a good pace and ensure I do not stay out on my run too long. It is hard to run too long in Singapore without lots of water.

Compare not share my performance

I mostly run by myself, I have found few people that want to run before 6am in the morning and I don’t want to wait for anyone that early in the morning. MapMyRun is my running partner.

The course feature within the service allows me to pace myself against others and myself. I do like that your run is broken down into sections and shows how your run compares to others on a short part of your run. It is good to see a bit of gamification in action.

It maybe my circle of friends but I have not found a lot of people within my contacts list using MapMyRun, Jawbone Up or RunKeeper. If you use MayMyRun or Jawbone Up it would be great to connect with you.

The MayMyRun Interface – in need of a little love

The MapMyRun interface is a little sad and dated and it’s annoying that all the functionality is not available from within the mobile app. It would be nice if they could invest just a little in improving the UX.

It would be good to see them add weight goals into their service, like RunKeeper does. Many people run to lose weight and so this is often a more important goal at first than distance and pace goals.

At this stage I use the free version of MapMyRun, I am not in the app enough for the ads to annoy me and don’t see any value in their MPV services.

If you are just starting running, MapMyRun provides the ideal running partner to accompany you on your training sessions. It is a little ugly but accurate. Happy running.

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Author: +Richard Brock

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